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Every home in Canada should test for radon

Every home in Canada should test for radon

Find out how to test.

Every home in Canada should test for radon

Any type of home can have high radon levels.

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Welcome to the National Radon Action Campaign

This website provides information on radon and how different individuals and organizations can take action to educate Canadians on the health concerns associated with Radon.

Latest News

September 2, 2016
Convicts, Staff Sue over Level of Radon
Attorneys say they are in the process of compiling multiple lawsuits, including a federal class-action suit, on behalf of prisoners and staff at the Garner Correctional Institution who may have contracted lung cancer and other ailments from high levels of radon gas in the prison. Read More >
August 9, 2016
It Came From Beneath: Detecting and Mitigating Vapor Intrusion
Indoor exposure to naturally occurring radon gas has rocketed into public awareness since the 1980s, but now a similar, albeit lesser-known form of indoor pollution is gaining attention of its own. Read More >
August 9, 2016
Environmental Burden of Cancer in Ontario
Environmental Burden of Cancer in Ontario sheds light on environmental carcinogens by calculating, for the first time, the annual environmental burden of cancer in Ontario. Of the 23 environmental carcinogens assessed in the report, UV radiation from the sun, radon and air pollution are estimated to be responsible for over 90 per cent of all environmental cancer cases in Ontario. Read More >
July 13, 2016
BC School District 57 to Test Schools for Radon
Schools across the district will undergo radon testing in the fallDistrict 57 pulled $32,000 from its surplus to pay for the kits, which will go to all active and closed schools and the administrative building. Read More >
July 12, 2016
Summary Report on Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) Field Study
 A new report from Health Canada on research done on radon mitigation. It demonstrates how effective Active Soil Depressurization is in Canada.  Read More >

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