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About Campaign

The Take Action On Radon (TAOR) network is led by The Lung Association and Scout Environmental with support from Health Canada. The purpose of the TAOR network and campaign is to recruit and engage stakeholders to participate in radon outreach and education during the month of November, which has been designated as Radon Action Month (RAM), and to provide resources and tools to help facilitate outreach and bring together key stakeholders. For it to be successful, the TAOR team needs to effectively engage and bring stakeholders together to plan the annual theme/campaign tools and resources and promote RAM at a National level (launch event/stakeholder promotion, etc.) and stakeholders need to engage, participate and promote RAM in their regions/communities/industry.

The Take Action On Radon network is responsible for launching the campaign at a National level which includes a launch event, media engagement and social media activities. They encourage provincial and regional stakeholders to organize local launch events but are not responsible for any provincial or regional campaigns.

Join the Campaign

There are many people involved in Radon work across Canada, whether as a government agency, non-profit organization, homebuilders’ association, Radon mitigator, real estate group, retailer that sells test kits, or laboratory which provides test results to Canadians. Each group makes a difference by informing Canadians about Radon, an issue that many people have never heard of. 

If you or your organization has been involved in Radon, or are interested in becoming involved, join our campaign! As a member, you will be connected to other key stakeholders in order to share tools and resources and see what others are doing in Radon campaigns.

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Have you created Radon materials that you wish to share with other Radon professionals? Do you have any suggestions for the website or this campaign? Please click here to get in touch with us!

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