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The Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) is a certification program designed to establish guidelines for training professionals in radon services. The program is for Radon professionals and analytical laboratories. C-NRPP Professionals are certified to measure homes and buildings for Radon gas and/or to install Radon reduction systems in homes and buildings with high Radon levels. 

There two certifications within the C-NRPP - Radon Measurement Professional Certification and Radon Mitigation Professional Certification. To become certified, you must take a course, write and pass an exam, then register with the C-NRPP. Certified Professionals agree to conduct their services according to a strict code of ethics ensuring the public’s safety is protected and are also required to maintain current best practices. Learn more about it here

As a professional you will benefit from becoming C-NRPP certified because we have developed a training program and resources to educate and prepare you for providing a quality level of services in the radon field and have connected with other organizations who recognized our program and recommend our certification to Canadians.  Find out more

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