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How to get involved in the Take Action on Radon National Campaign

As a radon stakeholder, there are many resources that you may use to educate Canadians about radon. Please click on relevant stakeholder group for resources:

Take Action on Radon stakeholders can choose from 3 levels of campaign participation:

Level 1: TAOR Communicators 

  • Receive information about national Radon Action Month and the Radon Outreach Campaign so that you can be informed and able to answer questions from your constituents/members; and/or,
  • Provide your group’s radon marketing materials, tools, images, etc. to the outreach committee for use by Canadians.

Level 2: TAOR Promoters

  • Proactively distribute information about national Radon Action Month and the Collaborative National Annual Radon Outreach Campaign with your constituents; and, encourage your members, constituents to deliver an awareness campaign.
  • For contractors and builders: encourage staff to take the accredited course to become a certified radon mitigator.
  • For real estate agents and associations: encourage radon testing as a condition of sale or purchase agreements.
  • For health professionals: advise your patients and other health professionals; about the health risk of radon and how to test their homes; and put posters up in your office.

Level 3: TAOR Champions

  • Participate on the Stakeholder Outreach Committee by attending teleconference calls and providing advice. i.e. how to best tailor our toolkits/resources to the needs of your particular audience.
  • Delivering an awareness campaign within your community/ membership, e.g. issuing press releases, holding press events, placing messaging for public viewing, distributing informational door hangers/materials to homes, giving discounts on radon detectors, placing articles in your newsletters about radon.

If you would like to join our campaign, please contact us!

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